Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio

Creative Gymnastics
(Age 3-K)

Each of these classes includes a full-body warm-up appropriate for the age group and their physical maturity. Basic floor gymnastics such as rolls, headstands, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and more are taught. Locomotor skills and basic leaps,  jumps, and turns are practiced. Creative Dance is incorporated so students may explore basic elements of dance through personal imagination and individual expression. Creative Gymnastics classes safely integrate basic floor, tramp, vault, and bar skills for young children.

We also offer a range of creative dance and gymnastics combination classes for preschool and kindergarten aged children!

(1st-12th grades)

Gymnastics concentrates on floor skills that develop strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. DDC&G runs a non-competitive, recreational program including tumbling and floor exercises, beginners through advanced, learn mat skills according to individual capabilities. Jumps, leaps, and conditioning are all reinforced in gymnastics.

All DDC&G gymnastics teachers at Safety Certified by USA Gymnastics.

Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio
Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio

(3rd- 12th grade)

Acrobatics (or Acro) is about flexibility and control. This technique is a popular choice for students bridging the gap between skills in the gym and the dance studio! The class focuses on leg extensions, holds on the floor (headstands, elbow stands, and chest stands), and partnering tricks. The class will also work on gymnastics fundamentals; a majority of acrobatic tricks evolve from basic skills such as handstands and bridges.

Placement and Pre-Professional Classes

These classes are specifically designed for a select group of students at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics. Students recommended into Placement and Pre-Professional level classes have demonstrated their commitment, talent, and desire toward the art form and have chosen to study it with greater intensity. Specific eligibility into Placement and Pre-Professional levels are through teacher recommendation. New students must be assessed in order to enter the program.