Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio

Hip Hop

Hip Hop has evolved from African dancing, street dancing traditions, tap, and jazz. At DDC&G Hip Hop is taught emphasizing jazz technique as well as popular Hip Hop moves and style. Students learn syncopated pop movements to upbeat music and incorporate performance attributes into choreography. The Hip Hop classes at DDC&G strive to be fun, energetic, and age-appropriate. (See Hip Hop/Jazz).

Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio

Break Dance

Very popular in the 1980s, Break Dancing has reemerged better than ever! This extreme dance-sport uses tremendous upper-body strength for tricks and poses and combines the fundamentals of Hip Hop in choreography. At DDC&G, Break is taught from the beginning stages in a safe and positive environment. Individual choreography is encouraged in the true spirit of movement. This art-form is especially suited for boys, but also great for girls!

Creative Hip-Hop/Jazz

This class is geared to the younger student and is taught through a creative process. Creative Dance, fundamentals of Modern Dance concepts, plus basic Jazz and Hip Hop Dance skills are introduced. Creative Hip Hop/Jazz is fun, energetic, and age-appropriate. Creative games and practice combinations develop the child’s rhythmic knowledge, physical coordination, and mental stimulus.

Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio


Jazz is a dramatic experience that encourages rhythmic movements, gestures, and mimicry. Music stimulates the movement, accompanies it and motivates it. High energy, exhilaration, and freedom of movement are all inherent in Jazz. Techniques taught include isolations of the body, polycentric’s (coordinate 2 or more centers), movements of tension with spontaneous relaxation, locomotor actions, use of level changes and counter-movements such as twisting. Jazz style is intense and charged and students are taught to fully feel and illustrate the movement.

Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio

Placement and Pre-Professional Classes

These classes are specifically designed for a select group of students at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics. Students recommended into Placement and Pre-Professional level classes have demonstrated their commitment, talent, and desire toward the art form and have chosen to study it with greater intensity. Specific eligibility into Placement and Pre-Professional levels are through teacher recommendation. New students must be assessed in order to enter the program.