Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio

Kickboxing (9th-Adult)

Fitness classes are designed to improve strength, power, agility, balance, flexibility, endurance, and coordination.

Kid’s Fitness (3rd-8th)

These classes are designed to introduce the basic components of fitness. Kid’s fitness will include games to show kids how to enjoy exercise while improving their endurance, strength, and overall health. Motor skills will be developed and enhanced while they learn about different sports and exercises.


Yoga is a balance and conditioning of the body, mind, and spirit. It is an exercise that can be done by anyone at any age or level of physical condition. It builds strength, flexibility, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces psychological stress. Students provide their own sticky mat.

Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio

Adult Dance

Adult Classes are a fun way to stay in shape and explore your love of movement. Everyone is welcome in these classes, with a dance background or without! Sign up today and enjoy learning to dance from some of the best instructors around! (With a few exceptions, most classes are Adult only). See surrounding descriptions for more information.