Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio

Dance has equipped me for my future decisions in countless ways; it is hard to list them all. I feel that upon my departure from Dublin Dance Centre I am prepared for the work force, family life, social interaction, and my higher dance education. In my sixteen years at Dublin Dance I have gained confidence in myself and confidence in my potential self. Wherever I end up in life, I know I will have the confidence to make the right decision for me… Dance has equipped me with a good attitude about my body. I have not given into peer pressure, like drugs and alcohol, because I always have the thought of “keeping my body clean” in the foreground of my mind. Dance has equipped me with the ability to show immense love and emotion through my movements and in my relationships. And, finally dance at Dublin Dance Centre has provided me a large building block that can be elaborated on for the rest of my life. When I need to make a decision about my dance future I will be able to reflect on the fundamentals that were instilled in me so long ago. So when I say dance has and will influence my decisions, I mean it whole heartedly.