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Dance and gymnastics are very physical sports as well as beautiful art forms. Consequently, dancers’ and gymnasts’ bodies are subject injuries just as other athletes are. Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics is committed to keeping students injury-free through teacher training in top-notch technique and safety training, however, injuries do occur. The Wellness Studio offers on-site injury checks, prevention appointments, technique modification, and various types of massage to keep the body moving safely and to aid in healing as needed.

Why would I need a Physical Therapy appointment?

Annika can see students for a variety of concerns: aches and pains during class, technique questions that don’t seem to be improving due to some physical barrier, exercise and stretching advice, injury-prevention education.

What can my dancer expect from an appointment in the Wellness Studio?

Annika will ask each student for specific information about his/her complaints. We will brainstorm together why it might be happening and develop a plan for at-home, self-managed exercises, stretches, or technique modification. Annika, with your permission, will also coordinate with each of the students’ teachers to ensure that the technique modification recommendations can be applied to class, as well.

About Annika

Annika Russo joined the faculty of Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics as a licensed Physical Therapist, former professional dancer and accomplished teacher. Annika received her MPT from MCP Hahnemann University and her BA in Dance Pedagogy from Butler University.

Dance & Gymnastics Center Dublin Ohio