From 2 to 92 We Have the Dance For You!

Toddler & Preschool Dance Classes Dublin Ohio

Toddlers / Preschoolers

We provide exciting classes allowing your child to freely express themselves through movement using their gift of imagination. Students explore movement through creative storytelling, music, and props. Toddlers take classes alongside loved ones to explore movement as soon as they can walk.

Ballet Classes Dublin Ohio


This timeless classical art form is accessible for dancers of all ages. We provide methodical, age-appropriate classes for beginners through the pre-professional track.

Gymnastics Dublin Ohio

Gymnastics & Acro Dance

DDC&G runs a non-competitive, recreational program including tumbling and floor exercises. Acrobatics (or Acro) technique is a popular choice for students bridging the gap between skills in the gym and the dance studio!

Hip Hop & Jazz Classes Dublin Ohio

Hip Hop, Jazz, & Break Dance

From the dynamic rhythmic movements of Jazz to the balance and strength of Break Dance, these artforms incorporate and promote freedom of expression and exciting choreography with disciplined skills.

Dublin Dance Review
"Dancing at Dublin Dance has provided me an outlet to learn about myself and grow, not only as a dancer but as a person…I’ve learned to push beyond my comfort zone."

Becca Elise Berman (DDC&G Graduate)

Dublin Dance Testimonial
"Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics is a wonderful place that has allowed our daughter to learn new ways to express herself through movement."

Terri, Mother

View Our Kids in Motion

At Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics each dancer has their own journey and timeline. From just walking beginners to adult experts we are committed to technique, having fun, growth as a whole, and helping all our dancers’ develop life-long skills that enrich their life, whether or not they decide to become professional dancers.