Moving in the best interest of childern


Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics has a place for everyone. Our programming offers a spectrum of options appropriate for the whole family, from toddlers to grandparents, and for those just starting to those who study intensively.

Our approach to movement education is for the whole individual. Dance is an art form- expressed with heart and soul. There is more to dance than technique; technique is a tool for teaching confidence through success. Assurance is one’s own body is vitally important- from walking the halls in middle-school, to giving a business presentation.

Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics offers a wide variety of classes for beginners through pre-professional students; 2 ½ years old through adults! Each class is designed for the age of the students, and their level of experience in the art-form. DDC&G offers each art-form in a non-competitive atmosphere where every student is celebrated!

Interesting Facts About the Facility:

    interesting facts about the facility
  • The original office used to be where the main building vending machines currently sit and the first dance wear boutique was at the front half of studio 2/3!
  • interesting facts about the facility
  • Studio 2/3 was originally one room, then split into two small rooms, then remodeled back into one room.
  • interesting facts about the facility
  • The studios are numbered in order of completion….Room 4 was finished before 5 as there was a different business in that part of the building. Students used to enter room 4 from the sidewalk door before room 5 and the office were built.
  • interesting facts about the facility
  • Rooms 6 & 7 were originally in a different building (in the front complex, where the salon currently is). The parking lots used to be connected so it was a little easier.
  • interesting facts about the facility
  • The gym used to be two separate dance rooms with a lobby; this is why it is sometimes referred to as 8/9.
  • interesting facts about the facility
  • Room 10 used to be a preschool, then a gym room before it settled as it is today.
  • interesting facts about the facility
  • Rooms 11 and 12 were completed in 2003, but the Extended Movement room was added in 2010.

Useful Information About DDC&G:

Please stop in the office to sign your new family participation waiver if you have not done so already.

Each studio has a one-way observation window for you to view your child’s class.

Lost & Found is located by the dressing rooms of each area and the office. Valuable items (jewelry, phones, etc.) are brought to the office.

If you miss a class, make-up classes are always available. Call or stop in the office for scheduling information.

You can email your teacher with any concerns/questions or you can leave a message for them by calling the office.

Click here to view your teacher’s bio. Also, view our annual calendar here for important dates such as holiday breaks, parent observation weeks, and performance dates.

Tuition is deducted on the 15th of each month. If you are paying by cash or check, please remember tuition is must be paid by the 25th to avoid a $15 billing fee. Auto-debit is available for your convenience.

Performance fees for the year-end show are due on December 1. All fees will be auto-debited unless you request otherwise, or inform us your child will not be participating. More information regarding performances will be provided during our fall Parent Observation Week. Please plan on attending your child’s class that week.

During hazardous weather, we close day time classes (9am-3pm) if Dublin and/or Worthington City Schools are closed. We will send an email and text alert if evening classes are closed (4pm-9:30pm). If you are not comfortable driving, make-up classes are always available.

Currently, enrollment for your family is available by phone or in-person. Please call the main office for help finding the right class for your child or to sign up for a FREE TRIAL CLASS: 614-761-2882.