Contemporary & Morden Dance

Contemporary Dance
(3rd grade – Adult)

Pre-Contemporary available for 1st & 2nd grades

Contemporary Dance builds on the technique of many art-forms including Modern and Classical Ballet. Opposed to traditional ballet, contemporary dance moves from the air to the floor allows deviation of conventional structure.

Modern Dance
(3rd grade – Adult)

Pre-Modern availalble for 1st & 2nd grades

Modern Dance originated as a rebellion from ballet. Where ballet is lifted and flowing, modern technique is more grounded, engaging the whole body in dramatic expression. At DDC&G, Modern is offered in order to expose dancers to different movement forms and encourage creativity and expression in each student’s individual style.

Placement and Pre-Professional Classes

These classes are specifically designed for a select group of students at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics. Students recommended into Placement and Pre-Professional level classes have demonstrated their commitment, talent, and desire toward the art form and have chosen to study it with greater intensity. Specific eligibility into Placement and Pre-Professional levels are through teacher recommendation. New students must be assessed in order to enter the program.