Creative Ballet
(Age 3-K)

Creative Dance classes are the most rewarding and educationally stimulating classes for young students. DDC&G teachers are trained to use the creative teaching philosophy; children are encouraged through verbal imagery, the use of props, and age-appropriate themes.

Teachers use creative tools to reach and engage their students in learning the basics of the art form. The safe and supportive classroom environment allows children to learn early social skills, cultivate their imagination and develop cognitive thinking routines. The physical activity throughout every class promotes a healthy lifestyle and builds confidence and strength in young bodies. Creative Dance classes are based on ballet technique that is suitable for young, developing muscles and minds. Basic terminology and steps are presented and incorporated into creative choreography.

Creative Ballet (Age 3-K)
Creative Ballet (Age 3-K)

Ballet (1st/2nd Grades)

Ballet experts everywhere in the world agree that children under eight years old should not do pure ballet technique classes for physical and psychological reasons. Creative Ballet fundamental classes combine creative movement and basic ballet moves to prepare the young student for ballet technique classes in a safe, appropriate way. An introduction to basic ballet fundamentals and simple terminology allows young children to experience enough discipline and structure to challenge them without frustration. This builds a sense of physical achievement and teaches an awareness of the art of ballet and the body.

Ballet (3rd Grade - Adult)

Ballet technique classes require high levels of concentration and discipline in order to execute the movement detail properly. Each class is divided into barre work, port de bras, centre barre, adagio, and allegro. Strengthening and stretching exercises are balanced. The ballet class builds a strong foundation of coordination, discipline, and appreciation of art and an expressive achievement which are great assets for any endeavor.

Creative Ballet (Age 3-K)

Male dancers, ages 5-Adult, may take ballet free if enrolled in one other class (this other class could be a paid ballet class or any other art form). For male dancers in Placement Ballet levels, we will offer tuition at a 50% discount.

Placement and Pre-Professional Classes

These classes are specifically designed for a select group of students at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics. Students recommended into Placement and Pre-Professional level classes have demonstrated their commitment, talent, and desire toward the art form and have chosen to study it with greater intensity. Specific eligibility into Placement and Pre-Professional levels are through teacher recommendation. New students must be assessed in order to enter the program.

Intensive Ballet Program

Intensive Ballet Program

The Intensive Ballet training program is a high-powered stratagem designed to offer aspiring young dancers the opportunity to commence their journey towards either the professional or collegiate level. These special dancers are required to attend 9-12 hours of ballet each week. They are given numerous opportunities to showcase their craft, including 4 repertory shows in October, December, March, and June. Classwork typically includes; barre, center, Pointe, variations, pas de deux, and choreography. It is our desire that dancers from the Intensive Level leave with the tools necessary to succeed in any performing environment of their choosing. Those interested in the Intensive Ballet Program must demonstrate their skill, desire, and commitment to the program. A student letter of intent and teacher recommendations begin the process. For more information, contact the DDC&G office.